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Why does anyone want a pair of Novelty or Funny Socks ?

Well firstly how about a bit of history about Socks for you Wikipedia will tell you that socks in a fashion probably became more recognisable around the 8thCentury when the Greeks started tying animal skins with leather and other fabrics around their feet, but I suspect it goes back to the stone age when it would have made sense to wrap something around your feet, being as those caved definitely did not have heating!

Right, that’s the history lesson out of the way let’s talk about cool and funny socks. We like to wear outrageous things on our feet sometimes as a protest that some of us have to wear ‘uniforms’ to work and wear crazy feetwear in silent protest, ‘cause we are rebels really 🙂

Or we just like colourful, crazy novelty funny socks, simples!

Our store gives you literally hundreds of choices in socks to satisfy every kind of mood and fancy, with mens socks, womens, kids , grandparents and everyone else you can think of.

Whatever you fancy , our socks can help you.

Are you a secret Superhero fan, personally I have always identified with Batman so always keep a pair of Batman socks around, of course other superhero socks are available like Spiderman , Superman, and Bart Simpson – What do do you mean he’s not a Superhero 🙂

What about the old favourite Knee High Socks , we have tongue and teeth songs (have to see it to appreciate it) Vanns Socks and Compression socks as well as some very cool skater socks.

When you get home after running around all day what kind of socks do you like to reach for , how about the lovely Slipper Socks or Wool Socks. Got to love those five toe socks perfect if you have 5 toes , not so good if you have 6 toes. Plus you could always cur one of the toes off if you only have 4, top advice here! The huge variety of socks we have help satisfy the sock craving of any sock obsessive. Stock up on summer and winter socks, colour match them to your outfits and keep a few pairs as gifts, everyone loves gift socks, don’t they 🙂

We also like to run a specials sections , at the moment we are running a HBO WestWorld   Merchandize special category.   You will find some fantastic things like WestWorld Jewellry , WestWorld TShirts , WestWorld Hoodies , WestWorld Posters and much more.

You will not find many of our products on the high street so save your time, energy and feet. A few clicks and we will be sending you exactly what you want, and landing on your doormat some of the coolest novelty and funny socks merchandize you can find.

Free shipping worldwide on all of our products, full product information , buyer protection and great refund policy ensures our customers are looked after, and our priority.

Let your feet do the talking, Give them something fun to say.

Welcome to our store , and have a great day.

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