When is a mans sock a mens sock ?

This is the question that has plagued humanity for decades , is a mans sock a black ankle high sock or a rebellious offensive sock that is hidden under a suit and cool polished shoes, well the answer is both , and neither of course.

Here at FunnySocksShop.com we don't believe in pigeon holing peoples sock dreams, we believe men and boys should be free to wear whatever they want be it something topical like The Simpsons , Marvel Superhero or of course the traditional colourful striped socks known to be worn on Wall Street to relieve the stress of being hammered by a volatile stock market, of course:)

One of our biggest sellers are the Show me the money Dollar socks, which pyscoanalysis tells us is because if we don't have money, at least we can pretend we have :) Now some of us are very particular about what our socks are made of , personally I prefer cotton to anything else, but many prefer the polyesters and wool socks - but climate is also a factor you don't want wooly socks in 75 degree heat for sure.

Many a sensible man has gone for our great sports socks the USA Brand High Quality Compression Socks , definately a favourite among the baseball and basketball sock fans, great for keeping you upright. Then of course for those not so athletic amongst us are the beer La Cervesa Sol Beer Socks , just the right socks to tell the world what your priority is today , finish this work and get on the Sol Beer:)

Have a great day.

Let your feet do the talking, give them something fun to say.

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