What are Cute Fuzzy Socks when they are at home ?

By the dictionary definition it is a sock that covers the foot and is usually made of cotton or wool and worn for warmth or for protection from abrasion.

Personally I just like to think of them that they give you that cute fuzzy feeling that only our socks can, they keep you warm and keep you cool too all at the same time :)

Our purrrfectly cute cat patterned socks are very soft and cozy, they are a big hit with our cat loving customers, with various colours and patterns to choose from. Of course if you are a Dog person we have some great Dog Socks with so cute puppies literally on the heels of your feet.

A fan favourite for people with 5 toes are, of course, our 5 toes cotton socks which fit snugly on your 5 toes, keeping them lovely and warm separately and independent of each other :)

We like to have a sense of humour about our socks, so give your feet something fun to say.  

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