What is it about Thigh High and Knee High Socks ?

There’s something snug about wearing socks right up to your knees and thighs, somehow feeling all wrapped up and protected by the power of the warm wooly knee high socks.

We have some great high MISBHV skater socks that will make you the envy of the skateboard park , the art of being cool without looking like you are trying to be cool is something that a good pair of socks can do for you.

Cool knee high socks are not just to keep you warm anymore , they are as much a fashion statement as a functional piece of clothing, bit like Batmans Bat Belt, keeps his trousers up but has other great uses, anyway I digress.

Our very popular Cross Striped THIGH HIGH Knee Socks in all sorts of colors are keeping ladies and women looking very cool, they can be worn with a cool skirt or dress, giving you the edgy sexy look, for less than $10! These are flying off the shelves, or should I say running.

The USA Brand High Long Socks Quality Compression Knee Sport socks are great for the sporty and USA Patriotic types among you, giving you great firmness in the ankle and calf muscles whilst flying the American Flag, a great pair of compression socks with something meaningful to say.

Similarly we are offering for under $10 our Calf Compression Sleeve Socks for Men and Women , Great for Golf, Basketball, Running, Baseball, Football and general Fitness.

Let your feet do the talking , give them something fun to say.

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